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Useful database software that keeps getting better

I like how easy it is to use it in a basic manner and once you learn how to use it, it's incredibly versatile. The software works quite quickly and smoothly. It has a lot of integrations that I've found work well.

Hannah Noble

Robust and Collaborative Toolset

A great set of online tools to manage and keep track of business workflows. No more standalone spreadsheets for my team working in silos. Stackby is more than just any spreadsheet but with added integrations and practical functionality, keeping track of almost everything in one place.

Willie Loo

An essential system in your toolset

We use G-sheets but it lacks integrations with other essential tools like Ahrefs, Facebook Ads & others. You need to use plugins & pay premium, which can become very expensive. We are saving a ton of time & $$ using this tool. If you need to control something and don't want to sell a kidney to do it, use Stackby.

Leonardo Wolff

As easy as a Spreadsheet, as powerful as you want to make

Stackby has almost zero learning curve if you've ever used spreadsheets. Once you start to play around, the real power comes in using column API connectors and automations within the tables.

AJ Rollsy

Spreadsheet on Steroids

Stackby is more like a database with the ease of use of spreadsheet. I love it that I can use for almost anything I want, and I grow to love it more everyday as I have been seeing the non-stop improvement by the team. I love the API and the integrations, tons of possibilities with this tool.

Natapol Supmanu

Solid & flexible platform

Stackby has been thoughtfully designed to offer the power of a database in an online platform. I'm using it to set up a speaker management portal. The ability to link to other sheets and pull in data from the links is essential. The platform is aesthetically pleasing.

Lucas Hilty

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